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RHADAMANTHYS, MINOS & AIAKOS were the three judges of the dead, underworld demi-gods of the underworld. They were originally mortal men, sons of the god Zeus, who were granted their position after death as a reward for the establishment of law on earth.

Aiakos was the guardian of the keys of the Haides and the judge of the men of Europe, Rhadamanthys was lord of Elysion and judge of the men of Asia, and Minos was the judge of the final vote. Some say there was a fourth judge Triptolemos who presided over the souls of the Initiates of the Mysteries. The mortal lives of the three netherworld Judges is not detailed here.

The name of Aiakos was appropriately derived from the Greek words aiaktos, aiazô, meaning wailing and lamentation.


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