The Allotment

Your mind let’s go of external demands once entering this allotment sanctuary.

Don’t imagine what you see on television as being the real thing.
There is no edited version of real life.

You can cut corners, cover up or over what you don’t want to experience or express either way everything will be revealed.

That’s the same with the plot it takes time and energy and expression.

The plot was another’s who had prepped it before it being taken over.


You first should not make the plot a challenge but an enjoyment at your own pace, your own arcadia.

Walk it, look at the soil see the lie of the land get some books to see ideas.Recommending ‘The Allotment” and “Square Metre Gardening”. Both in library.

Although small it does deserve your attention and a plan.

Going up there a few times made me think that raised beds would give a contained feel. Easy to walk around and make.

Also the raised beds can be allotted to others who can grow their own.

A place to lie back and look at the sky, the crow family, the trees and feel it.

Children love or not depends on the introduction to growing their own food. Watching plants come through the soil stimulates a knowledge of nature.

For this year other plans were formed in my head and down that route I’ll go.

The allotment
The allotment free and wild
The allotment
Nasturtiums left raspberries right
The allotment
Fresh Eggs Anyone for a small fee nothing is free even henny penny needs feed

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