the fabulous griffin came with a story beyond belief Roisín was there:I cried

Algol Paradox is life’s paradox

In the case of Algol and other binary stars, something completely different is observed: The less massive star is already a subgiant while the star with much greater mass is still on the main-sequence. Since the partner stars of the binary are thought to have formed at approximately the same time and so should have similar ages, this appears paradoxical. The more massive star, rather than the less massive one, should have left the main sequence.

The paradox is resolved by the fact that in many binary stars, there can be a flow of material between the two, disturbing the normal process of stellar evolution. As the flow progresses, their evolutionary stage will advance, even as the relative masses change. Eventually, the originally more massive star will reach the next stage in its evolution despite having lost much of its mass to its companion.

On different planes which flow on stars deep in the crevasse

your beauty was gleaming with delight to see wonderment at last

carried off smiling like snow melting sweetly where earth met Gryphus

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