What would Lucretius say- pacify your lover into homotopy

What would Lucretius say- pacify your lover

Lucretius says-Happy is he who has discovered the causes of things and has cast beneath his feet all fears,unavoidable fate, and the din of the devouring underworld.

As atoms we are in an unchanging world discovering what always has been.

Look back and you will see yourself moving in the direction you are to go, you can’t change it- you have been there already. This is not a perception but a birds feather falling, leaves, rain falling, winds blowing again and again repeat over and over life, death.

In differential topology, sphere eversion is the process of turning a sphere inside out in a three-dimensional space. Remarkably, it is possible to smoothly and continuously turn a sphere inside out in this way without cutting or tearing it or creating any crease. This is surprising, both to non-mathematicians and to those who understand regular homotopy, and can be regarded as a veridical paradox; that is something that, while being true, on first glance seems false.


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