Pope Just Couldn’t Prostrate Himself and ask for the Mercy of his Followers

Pope Just Couldn’t Prostrate Himself

Unlike Jesus who washed his disciples feet the pope showed his hand by not humbling himself today.

He took the retrained route and glossed over the pain and suffering of those abused and fucked by his priests.

This supports the priests collar of paedophiles.

So many priests lay prone on children’s backs as they squirted liquidised holy communion into their anuses.

The pope had an opportunity today to kneel in sympathy and throw himself to the mercy of those who were left in deep shame and grief for lost childhoods for something they could not have known but knew it was bad-wrong-disgusting-evil-filthy.

But he didn’t- he couldnt- he wouldn’t allow himself that expression of softness and humanity to his fellow man and ask for their forgiveness.

Such strategists will rot in their mind.


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