When it’s a case of give and take the Giver Always Takes!

‘That’s that then’

‘What’s what, you say it as if nothing happened’ trying to tie her bra as she said it.

‘You think this is something?’ ‘this is part of the deal remember!’

‘And where does it go from here-no where-that’s where’ he said glancing at his six pack.

‘You knew what you were getting into don’t play dumb Alannah.’ 

Hearing him say her name made her blood stop.

Alannah looked in the mirror, his reflection went through her-she did know what she was getting into-now it feels different..

‘Why didn’t you say anything before?’ this time Alannah feels the pitch in her voice rise.

‘Because I know how it goes, I’m a man remember, I’ve an old head on a young body’ he walked towards her and ran his hands through her hair as he said it. Pulling hard.

‘And YOU are going to obey!’ 

‘I don’t think I am, not this time’

‘Time, I’ve got plenty of-you on the other hand’ he pulled her hair harder laughing as he did.

‘So come on, hurry up no time to waste.’

‘Everythings a joke to you and,’ ’stop that,’ she could feel his hands on her throat pressing gently then hard.

He grabbed her head and turned it towards him, staring into her hesitant orbs.

‘You know what you’ve to do I’ve kept my side of the bargain so stop fucking around’

‘Maybe I’m getting second thoughts’ she said nervously.

‘I’ve no problem with second thoughts as long the first ones are dealt with.’

‘You got what you wanted, now it’s payback.’ 

‘I’m not sure about this, it was, I don’t know ….I jumped before looking, then you, my nemesis came a long and I’m drowning’ she said wincing.

‘My nemesis I like the sound of that’

‘Everything is magnified, my mind isn’t prepared? she said.

‘The only thing I understand as your nemesis-is a deal is a deal’

‘Didn’t I give you what you wanted? Do what you wanted?,


‘Now hurry the fuck up’





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