The Trinity excoriated, others wept for what they thought would be: Peter Heller Big Love

Peter said ‘why do you block the silence Alice’?  Then putting a gun to her head he shot her.

He waited as she bled out-the colour drained quite quickly from her face. He didn’t know why he did this-he loved her-something in him?

He bent down and kissed her open mouth-then he stared intently into blackness of her open eyes

Like a chasm in a void he became mesmerised by the tache noir-a deafening silence pervades her body-he wants to clench it-be in it. 

That was what started it all, his need for silence-she couldn’t or wouldn’t listen.

Now he wanted her back-he loved her-fractured by this turn of events he got up and dragged her with him.

Pulling her up the stairs and into the bathroom, he turned the taps on-quickly he undressed her then placed her warmth into the water.

His mind now was in a state of hypertension, he felt he was hallucinating-his eyes bobbed in his head. A whipping sound in his ears.

As she filled with water she started to sink.

He loved her in life-he loved her in death.

Putting the gun in his mouth-his being exploded he joined his beautiful mistress.



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