Boxed in this filament of excrement by insouciant eyes and caring guise of Americanism

Here she is 91 92 next month how did it ever get to this-if she lost her mind at least she wouldn’t  know what was going on-being treated like a lump of meat. That’s all she is. Serving out her time to keep people in jobs-this could be for years-it’s all numbers she thought-life is a number she’s a number an inconsequential 1.

the state of the world engulfed by anfractuous America
the state of the world engulfed by anfractuous America

Her mother told her-‘your birth was a hot and cold time of expulsion-it was a time from-a mouthy slobbery kiss-in with his penis and creation was planted:you the unwanted result’.

She was 1 of 14 and 6 dead.

The life she had was a callous one never quite sure of her footing.


She was a shift shaker appeasing to the call of the piper-her first step at 2 meant life was in your own hands. A creatoreen of a child with dark hair and grey blue eyes thin cheeks fat hands and a meek slap me I’m bold smile-I’m bold.

How she came to be in this God forsaken place she’ll never know-many a talk was had with her 3 children-let me go-don’t let me persevere in this hell-when my time comes please take control don’t let me be swamped by comity pretenders- sweet mother of Jesus-now look at me-a roll over-wiped down-fingered-breast caressed by those in charge.

This place was hell disguised as heaven.


Her mother told her how she was-and wasn’t when she was a small girl-how true any of it was out of that bitter mouth she didn’t know.

She knew certain things-she knew to shut up and put up-she knew her brothers liked sneaking their fingers inside her knickers-and one tried to put his penis in but it wouldn’t fit-she knew never ever to cry.


The entrance-the surroundings-the people-the dining room music playing from afar-more laughter- the deads focused stare on knitting and card playing-staff smiling and greeting her children with mouths wide like curloics-the net spread ready to catch their ignorance.

Your mother will love it here-


Then Mercy showed up.



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