What do the survivors want aka children who would have died but for mother and baby homes

suffer little children suffer little children suffer suffer no one promised you anything when they were fucking
suffer little children no one promised you anything when they were fucking

There are stories most of hardship and hearsay. At its most basic a girl gets pregnant she is kicked out-or moved out-or asked to leave her home or the house she lived in.

The fathers no mention.

Mother and baby homes were established to give these abandoned people a home until the child arrived.

 It was not a hotel-it was a place to give birth because your own family disowned you couldn’t or wouldn’t keep you.

Now 60/70/80years later these adults are whining about what? That they survived.

If these homes were not around neither would they be. The alternative was a back street abortion or give birth and die mother and child or to the lunatic asylum.

No one knows.

Babies were born some were ill and died. Who was going to look after the children? No one unless they were adopted.

What do the people who got a chance to live want?

History can’t be changed.

People are looking back with todays eyes.

Today there are no baby homes only hostages of the state.

A survivor is Kevin Lunney adult human onto adult human violence propelled by hate-anger-violence with unstoppable resentment.

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