what lies beneath the strange pleasure of unquenchable

thirst-what is this endless desire line with no turn

to feel to touch to hold to kill with kisses Continue reading “Desire Line Shortcuts with ‘Josie Long’ is the perfect metaphor to describe how we became magnetised”

Raw material is sculpted to divine intervention: Prostitution shaped the poetry of hell


we do it-mold it-we watch it

how does he sculpt life and then want it

self oppressive escapism is unfolded

we want to escape-we can’t- we can’t if only

the scalpel cuts into the mind deep: the self

is exposed the wound open

he kisses like an archer aiming deep within

nothing about him is done slowly







It must be a nullifying experience to have life’s bastion in your hands.

Cutting, digging, exploring, deciding, analysing, heating, climaxing Continue reading “KISS of LIFE KISS of DEATH when his baton conducts the way of life”

This man has something that is undefineable much like the beautiful man. The essay I wrote and found was unusually intense considering I only saw his work in Chelsea NY in 2001.

Like beautiful man it made an impact everything about it was feverishly sexual.  Running  over with, in, out, above and beyond it.

Funny how art is climactical.

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