America captures the hearts minds money of the Never endings of Never Prey on the Prey

A little shreek like a lobster plunged into a boiling pot came from her throat-trying to stifle it her heart bobbed in her chest and she gasped expelled.

‘Just ready’ he said

Her head turned to the side her left hand grabbed his arm-it was hard-her lips plugged up again as he released-a sadness overwhelmed her.

She could see in his black eyes a regularity of forbidden entry.

A blue smile formed on his lips as his tongue peaked like a clitoris out at the side.

‘You like this lady’

Catapulted back to a time when this was forbidden, she thought of her life where pleasure was non- existent where even the thought was a sin.

Rory the first was tall and lugubrious with shadows in his eyes and want in his mind. She was reflected in him as a towel of sensuousness sheathed her. Her body immersed in his organs folded by his skin wrapped up in turgid tenderness.

He was using her she knew-being useful made her forgiving and giving.

‘Ok’ blackman interjected her thoughts and said to indifference ‘pass me the towels’

‘You ok on your own to lift her out’

‘Of course, what’s there to lift only a bag of bones’

Indifference laughed at his sarcastic shallowness.

He brushed off the languid lips again and played using the back of his hand over them an oceanic symphony.

She wanted to explode and rise up-her body confused felt hot-her head fell back-it was too much-her heart beating hard-breathless he covered her mouth with a sponge-she came.

This is death she thought-

I want to die now



Succumb Time EMC AOD 10.30 11.11.2016

Succumb Time AOD 10.30 11.11.2016

The Seirenes are coming

Dead! Dying. What is my mind on about, she thought.

That’s what is happening : it’s curtains, get it together and take action. It made no sense dying from what? When? How? Why?

The journey to the Dr’s was an intense overriding of bodily Continue reading “Succumb Time EMC AOD 10.30 11.11.2016”

It has started again- the empty space

Is filling up with

wagging mouths licking

And snipping gnawing and gnarling

Suffuse their empty and pitiless lives

Suffocate them with saliva drenched


Opinions regurgitated vomited with vileness


classless ceaseless

The cream has sank

We’re drowning in ourselves

I drank you from a cup of coffee today

There were your foamed initials

resting incomprehensibly

on the hot fluid. It felt

awkward sipping

Continue reading “I drank you from a cup of coffee today”

bbc sounds with Josie Long DEEP TIME

the unfathomable amazement of him moving like a projectile

splurt here comes the volcanic eruption of heat and passion:he’s arrived

Engineering Passive Suicide

Engineering something is easy once you know how. The easiest thing to engineer is behaviour.

People in power know this. Without stating the obvious you’re one click Continue reading “Engineering Passive Suicide”

Charlotte Mew: The Heart of Hidden Things -AUDIO BBC Sounds Unexplainable beauty of words flowing from the heart

Charlotte Mew: The Heart of Hidden Things -AUDIO BBC Sounds Unexplainable beauty of words flowing from the heart

Do roses grow…when you have not seen any light…what happens there I do not know…

Biting his rosary to bits…

I did not look when he called on me these eyes I did not see

Do roses grow between those 20 windows in a row Continue reading “Charlotte Mew: The Heart of Hidden Things -AUDIO BBC Sounds Unexplainable beauty of words flowing from the heart”

Peter said ‘why do you block the silence Alice’?  Then putting a gun to her head he shot her.

He waited as she bled out-the colour drained quite quickly from her face. He didn’t know why he did this-he loved her-something in him?

He bent down and kissed her open mouth-then he stared intently into blackness of her open eyes Continue reading “The Trinity excoriated, others wept for what they thought would be: Peter Heller Big Love”

When it is beyond the scope of the mind to iterate every nuance

When it is beyond the scope of the mind to iterate every nuance

When I opened that silver box-something happened-

Hemingway Happened-Durcan Happened-Kenneally Happened-Heaney Happened-Plath Happened-Duffy Happened-Peter Happened-Andrew Happened-Huxley Happened-Styron Happpened-Spinoza Happened………on and on Larkin o fuck all this fuck this shoddy deliverance from untold celery seeds sprouting on the cold steel scalpel scratching the wound. And the blood flows-drip feeding the shoes as he walks- Continue reading “When it is beyond the scope of the mind to iterate every nuance”

When a heart is served inadvertently on a plate to a man of pantomime it elucidates actions beyond comprehension.

He is a stranger or is it she is the stranger, two strangers look at each other in a tempestuous whirl.

Then looking through the glass bottom magnified a thousand times she falls into his philosophically absurd, beautiful disguised world: fleshy, sexual, sensual, surgical.
Image result for imentetImentet watched and waited………………….

This beautiful man makes me lament

my full body brain soul grieves

and is sad because of

desire that wants to

kiss and graze his


stuck in purgatory

sick from no flowing thoughts

of needs that must be and make them

tormented with his gentle

<When he’s as Crazy Complex as Dante’s Purgatory

<head><title><When he's as Crazy Complex as Dante's Inferno </title></head><meta name=”description=” content=”when our eyes met a deeply unsettling intense connection vibrated through both of us.”></head>
When He’s as Crazy Complex as Dante’s Purgatory

I am in the forest lost surrounded by intent and a type of truth resting by the stream.

My heart breathes in and out capturing the soul of him.

My body is tired from the magic of that eye contact

Looking up at the branches he’s there waiting and hiding.


His thoughts are in despair from the game of life

Relinquish the control let go

Let me fall into the portal of

Saint Peter


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