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he’s seen it thousands of times before, it defies the natural order of life and death.

It deprives the soul gatherers their right to  nourish and feed the dead on their way.

There’s never a way out once the man with the smiling and focused face-his bag of tools-his fleet of foot enters Euclids equation- you can’t stop him said Ra to Imentet.

Distract her, distract him make him stop-make……..him stop I don’t want that soul lost in the netherlands of damnation.

Then it happened…………he looked at her……….



But in these weeks of the awakening Spring

Something within me has been freed-something

That in the past dark years unconscious lay,

Which rises now within me and commands
And gives my poor warm life into your hands

Who know not what I was that Yesterday

R M Rilke

The woman who loves by Rilke
The woman who loves by Rilke

<When he’s as Crazy Complex as Dante’s Purgatory

<head><title><When he's as Crazy Complex as Dante's Inferno </title></head><meta name=”description=” content=”when our eyes met a deeply unsettling intense connection vibrated through both of us.”></head>
When He’s as Crazy Complex as Dante’s Purgatory

I am in the forest lost surrounded by intent and a type of truth resting by the stream.

My heart breathes in and out capturing the soul of him.

My body is tired from the magic of that eye contact

Looking up at the branches he’s there waiting and hiding.


His thoughts are in despair from the game of life

Relinquish the control let go

Let me fall into the portal of

Saint Peter


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