I drank you from a cup of coffee today

There were your foamed initials

resting incomprehensibly

on the hot fluid. It felt

awkward sipping

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Inside everyone is controlled hatred if there wasn’t society wouldn’t work.

When it is let out by the masked savages of Cavan-Chickens-Bullies- there’s uncontrollable hatred let lose on humanity.

Don’t talk to me of save the environment. It is dead.

But in these weeks of the awakening Spring

Something within me has been freed-something

That in the past dark years unconscious lay,

Which rises now within me and commands
And gives my poor warm life into your hands

Who know not what I was that Yesterday

R M Rilke

The woman who loves by Rilke
The woman who loves by Rilke
When I'm Scared
When I’m Scared

When something arises beyond the knowledge that already exists an immolation begins inside of us. He is the match and I am the flame the unfettered light. Watching him in his anxiety of supposition and solitude.

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