suffer little children suffer little children suffer suffer no one promised you anything when they were fucking
suffer little children no one promised you anything when they were fucking

There are stories most of hardship and hearsay. At its most basic a girl gets pregnant she is kicked out-or Continue reading “What do the survivors want aka children who would have died but for mother and baby homes”

The sounding and seeing entity playing to the deafart hanging man

Where the under is over and the on is off
Close your mind down
hear the stringless guitar playing man
he pisses in his coke bottle
now he HANGS silently
How can a belly so full of worldly angst take the silent tune and hear the unheard of.
How did others implant this ennui onto one who can’t spit it out onto their faces?
INTO their empty,  so called educated,  fatuous and  self-serving faces
But turns it inwards and onto nature
EXECUTED they weep empty tears
oh how sad schadenfreude
they cried


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