bbc sounds with Josie Long DEEP TIME

the unfathomable amazement of him moving like a projectile

splurt here comes the volcanic eruption of heat and passion:he’s arrived

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Human love is four sided

It is more than a double entendre,

beginning, foreplay, climax, end

its intensity knows no bounds

the central is avarice and deep

it is wet slippery depraved and then you weep

When There Are Four Sides to Human Love

When There Are Four Sides to Human Love

    When There Are Four Sides to Human Love

    my mother, your mother,their mother, mothers, Mary the Mother, sister, daughter, niece,aunt, Language transferred from gutter thoughts in mind to social media to gutter press.


    Slappers Stupid fucking bitch, Fucking cunts


    Mother fucking cunt

    No tits Fat loose brassers

    sluts Stupid brassers

    Worthless piece of shit Fat arse

    Whores all tits

    There to shag shaggers

    spit-roast them

    Fucking rides

    Thoughts put out there: irretrievable, lamentable

    sexes vortices is now going bygone

    con sent quickies need a signed contract

    or preface in the vernacular yes

    spontaneity gone

    who would risk the fallout as demons

    now consume the minds of the ignorant

    law is the judge

    justice sought for the

    desire to fuck

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