silent hunters

killing pure minds

with their

paedophilic priestly cocks

What does it take to react

to suffer does it mean

they will

inherit the


is that how it is


the lone lamb

against the



the Vatican

there is no chance

once separated

and alone with

the monster

and his

priestly penis

the lamb is led to


inheriting nothing

only psychic pain

physical torture and






Suffer Little Children: Sacrificial Papal Filth
Suffer Little Children: Sacrificial Papal Filth

Christ’s Cross of Misery Children’s ‘Hell on Earth’

It started with a kiss, a hug, a share, a pat on the back,

A kind word, a rub of the hair

Aren’t you a lovely boy

It was all downhill from there

Signs and symbols the unknown the innocence

The dot on the i

Ripped from his bulging fulcrum

He says rub that little boy

The silent hand shakily knows

It’s not right, the dark mind is covetous

Feeling something but what he’s scared

Pull down that zip that’s a good man

Nervous unsteady tapering and tedious

Forcing wincing the smell- the encouragement

That’s lovely I’ll do it a fissure like bone

Veiny marbled purple white pink  its

ocular slash stares back at him


He knew it a big hand cups his

Rub that go on rub it- up and down- up and down

Good lad, faster- faster=

keep going open your mouth


he started to feel sick a rising tide pulsed up

against his hand

mammy mammy mammy

A mercurial liquid salty thick glutenous squirts

In his face-he starts crying- ah stop it

You know God said only the best boys

Crying harder-whimpering- sweating-wetting himself

You’ll go to hell now stop it

he felt

A slap on his face

and a sigh from his

Suffer Little Children-Christ's Cross of Misery 'Hell on Earth'
Suffer Little Children-Christ’s Cross of Misery ‘Hell on Earth’

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