Having a sexting orgasm with JP better than the real thing!?

Having a sexting orgasm with JP better than the real thing!?

What is this world of sexting-and the interlocution between two total strangers.

JP arrived with a query to my question?

Is that a double entendre? He wrote.

I lol’d and that was the beginning of something like sexual magnetic


Sexting: exploits for the darkest space of the mind
Sexting: exploits for the darkest space of the mind

resonancing with words in

virtual space.

A clever conceit of which he is the master.

His words and use of language were of a master sexter

How can a person orgasm mutually in virtual space-and be better than the real thing without the complications.

It had to be cut short obviously as he became desperate to bring physical reality into the situation.

Look art crosses all elements of the brain-the physical brain the environmental brain-so too do words

desire to passion

hate to fear

love to pleasure

Want to need

but once you take the art of words out of the equation and bring reality into it

and it is consummated between two wordsmiths then it is game over.

It is never same again ever. Whatever effect reality has on real life and people it spells ‘death knell’.

Those rotten human graspers of jealousy-possession-obsession-violence-coercion-hatred step in.

It is just the worst thing you can possible do.  Fantasies in virtual reality are one thing but never make them real.

Except in Art or Writing or Cinema.

There is a line and once crossed even with a look-the end

And I imagine in fact he told me he was an amazing kisser.

JP had language and a script so intense and exploratory with nothing much being said except the real thing-however he phrased his sentences-whatever he did, however he did it-now it takes two to make a conversation so the back and forth was tumultous, sexually explicit and downright denigrating.

For a conversation in the sextphere wordplay-word power-willpower are the characters needed-it is leading and circular and silent and funny and sensual and contracted and clipped and described and discussed and violent and shown and imaginative ballgame.

JP knew exactly what to say and when.

You could wake up to a WhatsApp message

I want to kiss you!!



Now ‘I want to kiss you’ said to your face doesn’t seem to have the same resonance and depth or emotional impulse that the sexted word has: it’s on another level of encouragement altogether its goes deeper.

But then the next bite had to come………………………………….


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