Passive Suicide Engineered by the Pain Principle

Passive Suicide Engineered by the Pain Principle

With pleasure comes pain as day follows night-Monday Tuesday-full moon new moon- Sunrise sunset.

And that is the  shame of passive suicide whose sunset is forever, as a mantle of insouciant pain wraps them up unconsciously in this window-dressed veneer of whining-complaining and compliant others by media controlled hooks.

Engineered. How?

Life: every action-every connection-every experience-every aspect of living life with even the simplest of pleasure results in the simplest or deepest pain.

Pain is the last rudimentary grasp of survival and from it comes the engineering of passive suicide.

People are the worst part of pain projection. Their inner world is distilled pain. The human is the callous intermediary of transferring pain into or onto another.

What goes on in the brain of a human is beyond comprehension, the capacity of that grey matter has no depth.

There is nothing that a human cannot or won’t do to breathe pain into another’s life.

Usually it is camouflaged as sincerity.

Like everything engineered by those in power sitting around wondering what the next big thing to harness, distract, divert, create fear in the human is: that’s it pain.

Let’s feed them it. Drip them with it. Fill their minds with visions of it. Let their ears-eyes-nose any physical mental, psychic or existential element be filled with it and watch how they will consume it, get the dirigible lot to the trough of trauma.

How they will swim or with passive suicide sink.

Make it bad. Real bad. Worse than real bad and they are into it.

How they will garner their inner misanthrope masked by philanthropy and humanism and charity.

When all they want is attention-this stage they are given by every radio station and TV channel to perform on is available morning noon and night.

Mary had a little lamb his feet are white as snow and everywhere that Mary went the lamb was…..lovely story.

But who’d follow it?

Everywhere that Mary went the lamb was found around the corner Mary found him with multiple stab wounds he was torn limb from limb they are following a definite…..

That’s what they those engineers of doom and disaster saw as the drug of the masses.

Feed the Malcontent. Querulous. Petulant. Disgruntled. With. Pain.

Then we’ll have control.


So many aeons well not that many, if you were to check out tribal cultures pain was used as a tactic to encourage discipline and many other forms of behaviours.

So today as it was then feeding on the insecurities of the human through pain was engineered.

Today a very high percentage of people are social workers, counsellors, psychologists, intercessors and they use these learning’s on television shows and radio shows and facebook and twitter and all social media and the worse the story the better.

They use all kinds of hooks to suck you in. Say if nobody rang their show. Say if the one show you get off on where everyone complains had no callers- what would happen!?

They would pay people to ring in.

Passive suicide is engineered from this unholy effluent of pain. It inculcates the brain and the body unknowingly with-who cares-I won’t be missed-I’m not worth anything- what difference does it make-life is worthless-no one gives a damn anyway-sick of it-fuck you world.

The world is full of whining-moaning agitators spurred on by all media and the softly, softly triggering use of emotive words and drawn out spiel while those in pain those with the passive suicide argument can’t express it so they do it.

It’s frightening the increase in suicides since 1950 year on year on and on and on and on and on hooked.

Who is behind this program of pretense?

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