Engineering the Reality Principle and Passive Suicide with lust

Engineering the Reality Principle and Passive Suicide with LUST

What is reality? Even though we all share the environment-the space-the earth-not one of us in the cosmos shares the same reality.

We may think we do but we don’t.

It could be construed as the ship sinks we all go down but do we-do we even go down the same way-do we in that immediate scenario react the same way-act the same way-drown the same way-respond the same way to the pull of death. Even in death do we know-no because we can’t know this unknown.



When he stood there looking at her-a man out of place-she looked in shock at him and ran.

Three stalkers had previously followed her each ones effect was worse than the other.

Why now after 23 years of being afraid-of running and hiding from men-of lying low did this man-an unknown in the sense of do you ever know anyone no matter what the connection-fly out from his nest and stand before her gesticulating to COME. Pleading in  his eyes-his beautiful orbs of shadowy disconsolate baby blue please come to me eyes.

When she saw this beautiful thing standing there-her heart stopped momentarily-she clung to the wall-turned-ran down the shop store isle blindly and hid behind a shelf.

She peeped around the edge of the cabinet-he was gone, then lent against it for support.

In her chest a bird fluttered-her breath heaved heavily from her lungs.

Sun glistened sweating hands. The heat of him beating in her heart-thump-thump-sex.








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